Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Few More Words About

I mentioned the chat rooms in my previous post. I did some experimenting, here's the info.
As a non paying female you can message in the chat rooms but can't go to a private chat room.
As a non paying male you can't chat in any rooms.

They have made it impossible for two non paying members to connect.

I have even had the experience of trying to send my husbands profile a text chat, the kind that pops up on their screen, from one of their sites, say and it showed up on his UpForIt profile.
Another thing to mention right now, is that if you go on to one of their sister sites you can see profiles that aren't necessarily signed up with that site, so if you try to contact them they get a message from you from a site you are both registered on or else they get an invite from the new site.

Of course if it's your husband for instance, that you are following on this site, you can send him ice breakers, chat messages and he will see every time you view his profile, you will get the information if he views your profile, sends a wink or an ice breaker. But unless you can get into his email to get the password reminder or know his password, you aren't going to be able to see what he is doing.

If he is foolish enough to pay you can see by viewing his profile if he is online and chatting.

Well since I mentioned that will be the next one I review.

Unitl then,


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